Apple Enthusiasts..Be Ready for iPhone 5 and iPad 3!

After few month released iPhone 4 and iPad 2, now it’s look like that Apple ready to start the production of iPhone 5 and iPad 3. This rumors come from several Taiwan-based companies that includes in the supply chain of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 materials. They said that the production will starts in September. iPhone 5 and iPad 3 itself would be ready on the market in October this year.

Apple Enthusiasts..Be Ready for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 !

The source said that Apple will only plans to released 1 iPhone model. They also said that iPad 3 has just recently added to the production schedule in small volumes in August and increase its volume in September and October. They pointed that there are about 6-7 million units iPhone 5 in the third quarter.

It means that few month later iPad 3 and iPhone 5 would be released wit several new features and improvements. The source said that iPad 3 will become thinner and lighter with 250dpi resolution screen. It’s look like that Apple wants 1 step ahead compared with their competitors.

Currently, Apple has been team up with several companies such as Foxconn Electronics as the assembler of the devices, Simply technologies and Dynapack International Technology as the batteries supplier, TPK Holding and Wintek as the touch panel modules manufacture, Catcher as the chassis supplier, and Largan precision as the webcams supplier.

Let’s wait for the next released of iPhone 5 and iPad 3. I can’t wait to see what their new features an technology.

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