Apple Won Patent Dispute from Nokia

Apple finally won five patents they fought against Nokia. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington, US stated that Apple didn’t break the five patents.

However, ITC judge, E James Gildea finding would be re-considered by commission of 6 member, who have authority to block product import which violating patent in US.

Apple Won Patent Dispute from Nokia

As we knew, both top level mobile vendor has been in dispute about technology patent on their mobile since October 2009. Nokia declared a law suit, accused Apple has violated their 10 patents, and asked royalty of millions iPhone sold since introduced in 2007.

This conclusion made Nokia unsatisfied. “Although we agreed that there’s no patent violation, we will wait to see its detail before deciding the next step,” said Nokia spokeperson, Laurie Armstrong.

Meanwhile, Apple spokeperson, Kristin Huguet stated her side wouldn’t take comment for a while. She stated that the judge reason to win Apple in this claim will be released in public after both parties has chance to re-scheduled their business information

Nokia claimed Apple has already used their technology, called as ‘pioneering innovation’. Patent disputed by Nokia included camera, battery technology, touchscreen, speaker and messaging.

Apple also has their own claim and pursued Nokia. Different ITC judge handled this case, Charles Bullock has scheduled to release his invention on next June 24th 2011.

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