Are you Ghostery Plugin User? Be Careful!

Are you Ghostery Plugin User? Be Careful!

All websites we visited commonly has been equipped by some trackers. Those trackers read our various online activities, then sent them to certain parties such as advertising companies, statistical tracking, etc. Ghostery is a browser plugin which functions to protect our privacy from those trackers.

However, from MIT Technology Review research, it is found that Ghostery company maker – Evidon – in fact is selling data they collected to advertiser.

Even so, Evidon didn’t include user data who did opt-out (rejecting to do information sharing with Ghostery). Co-Founder also CEO of Evidon stated that no problem with preparing tool for user who wanted “to hide” from commercial industry, also selling data about the user to advertising industry.

There are two kinds of data commonly sold by Evidon. First of all, they sold data around traced website profile. The data makes the website owner possible to find out wherefrom the visitors came and how the influence to their site load speed. Second, they sold statistical data to advertiser company about how often other companies trackers appeared in website.

If you’re a Ghostery user, you’d better see the setting and do opt-out sharing data with Evidon. Or you can also uninstall it from your browser and exchange it with other cookie blocker plugins.

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