Asus: Still many people enthusiast about Tablet Windows 7

Although viewed as not proper to be used in tablet computer, Windows 7 seemed still attractive for Asus. This Taiwan company stated their commitment to develop tablet Windows 7 and still sure that this OS could compete whether with Android or Apple iOS di iPad.

Asus: Still many people enthusiast about Tablet Windows 7

Julie Cheng as Product Management Specialist Asus claimed that her company found that there are many people didn’t want Apple or Android. That’s why, along there is a demand, Asus would still make tablet Windows 7.

“We are Windows 7 tablet maker since we still have many input from corporate or end user who still use Windows. They don’t want Android and Apple since they only want Windows,” said Cheng

Asus themselves has introduce Windows 7 based tablet, Eee Slate EP121. Its specification is truly strong, with Intel Core i5-470UM CPU and 4GB RAM. Definitely, this tablet is not for all segment since its price is expensive enough.
Beside tablet Windows 7, Asus also has Android base tablet. They have announced the stock of Eee Pad Transformer just few moments ago.

“This time, everyone focused on Android, so that we certainly sure Android sold would be increased. But we want to still have Windows solution for people who cannot use another OS. We don’t expect its selling as many as Android tablet, but we still want it in our product line up,” state Cheng


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