BBX OS was Announced by RIM on BlackBerry DevCon 2011 Event

BlackBerry DevCon 2011 event on San Francisco has been over and BBX platform has been announced in keynote stated by Co-CEO RIM Mike Lazaridis. BBX Platform will include BBX-OS, and it will support Cloud BlackBerry service and development for HTML5 and original developer. BBX will also support application developed using one of the tool provided nowadays for BlackBerry PlayBook, included SDK, Adobe AIR / Flash and WebWorks/HTML5, also Runtime BlackBerry for Android application. Next, BBX would be tablet and smartphone basis.

BBX OS was Announced by RIM on BlackBerry DevCon 2011 Event

“With almost 5 million download of BlackBerry application daily, our customers have made BlackBerry become one of the profitable platform for developer,” said Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO in RIM. ”In today DevCon event, we give developer tool they needed to build better application and we have given direction about the best way to develop application for smartphone and tablet, to unite BlackBerry and QNX platform into BBX platform.”

It’s really interesting what revealed by Research In Motion on DevCon 2011 event. It seems like BBX platform is more promising for better BlackBerry future than existing BlackBerry OS now.

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