Be Careful when You Searching A Picture via Bing

Sophos, one of the well-known security companies, has just released a surprising research. According to the research, Bing is the most dangerous search engine recently when it is used to search images. What?!

Recently, the “attackers” tend to use image searching to attack computer user. Only 8% of attackers who used text searching, 92% of them use crack in image searching features.

Be Careful when You Searching A Picture via Bing

From 100% of image searching injected by malware, 65% of them came from Bing.. followed by Google for 30% and other search engine for 5%.

Be Careful when You Searching A Picture via Bing

Why can this happen? Yes… Probably when we search for an image, we don’t aware of search result. If the image is attractive and conform with our needs, it’s a common for us to click on the image. Moreover, image searching result also difficult to differ which one came from trustable source and which one came from dangerous method. It becomes crack and opportunity for attackers to attach various evil malware to our computer.

The easiest example, pay attention of image result in Bing with keyword: “movie outline example”:

Be Careful when You Searching A Picture via Bing

Can you differ which images are safe and which one contained malware when it is opened?

The fact is, three from those six images contained dangerous malware if they are opened. It happens since the image provider site has been injected by Malicious Blackhole Exploit v2.

So.. Be careful when you search an image in search engine. Make sure that you see the image source. If it’s possible, try to select image from trustable site. If it’s not possible, make sure in your computer you’ve installed an up to date antivirus.

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