Beat iPad 2, Now Galaxy Tab Become the Thinnest Tablet in the world

Samsung officially released Galaxy Tab tablet computer 8.9 inches screen version. Another surprise also presented by this South Korea Vendor by designing Galaxy Tab 10.1 form which now claimed as the thinnest tablet in the world, beat iPad 2.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 now 2.3 mm thinner from its first version which is introduced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011. Its thickness now only 8.6 mm, thinner than Apple iPad 2 which reached 8.8 mm. Its specification itself identical with the first version.

Beat iPad 2, Now Galaxy Tab Become the Thinnest Tablet in the world

Will the first Galaxy Tab 10.1 not being sold anymore? Exactly not, the gadget still market by Samsung in various region.

Previously, a Samsung executive wanted to exchange the latest Galaxy Tab to compete iPad 2. The thinner formation was the realization.

Galaxy Tab 8.9

New Champion Galaxy Tab 8.9 was also announced at the same time. This product rely on 1 GHz dual core processor and brought Android Honeycomb operating system. Its thickness also similar with 10.1 version, that was 8.6 mm which made it called as the thinnest tablet.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 has TFT LCD screen with resolution 1200×800, a little bit higher than 7 inches version. Samsung provided it on 3 storage version, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

The other feature like WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, rear camera 3MP with flash and front camera with 2MP resolution. This tablet is also supported Flash 10.2. Inside, there is pre loaded Samsung’s Readers Hub and Music Hub to access various entertainment contain

With some tablet product as their mainstay, Samsung seriously faced big challenge in tablet market. Beside iPad 2, competition got hotter with another tablet existence from big vendor such as Motorola Xoom to BlackBerry PlayBook.


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