BlackBerry Packager for Android Has Leaked in YouTube! (Video)

There found that RIM has just posted a video decribing their latest product, BlackBerry Packager for Android. It’s announced, even only few hours before DevCon event held by RIM. This feature once discussed on RIM conference, which centered on possibility of Android developer to put in their application on PlayBook, tablet produced by RIM, platform which recently its popularity has decreased.

BlackBerry Packager for Android Has Leaked in YouTube!

It is possible by changing .APK file into .BAR file. As explained in video below, developer should firstly master important points from BlackBerry’s Developer Zone before developed their application. After that, developer could check whether their application compatible with PlayBook or not. If it has fulfilled all requirements, developer only needs to click repackage and submit buttons.

It’s predicted to increase BlackBerry popularity once again, which previously decreasing rapidly because of lack applications.

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