BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB Selling is Stopped

There’s no longer secret that BlackBerry Playbook marketing is out of RIM and many people expectation. A photo of TELUS internal inventory system in Canada has shown us how BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB selling will be stopped and the unsold goods will be returned to RIM on next November 8th 2011. After the date or after BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB stock on TELUS inventory run out, the selling won’t be continued and there won’t be re-stock.

BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB Selling is Stopped

It makes many people judge that it’s the end of BlackBerry Playbook era, besides, its selling keep decreased, which made TELUS has no intention to sell BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB again. Or it’s true that BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB has less selling only in Canada? Or there will be other country’s seller following TELUS?

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