Casio Released Reliable Android Mobile: Casio Commando!

An android base mobile made by Casio, Casio Commando has been released. Mobile with high level reliability and hardiness specific designed for user who loved outdoor activity, wild adventure, or other extreme activity. Even this Casio Commando has fulfilled Military Standard 810G!

Casio Released Reliable Android Mobile: Casio Commando!

Casio claimed that this Casio Commando is able to face extreme condition, thrown, drowned into water, rain, crashed, dust, humid, heat, etc.

Since it designed for outdoor and adventure, Casio Commando has equipped with some software and activity supported application such as compasses, adventure training, thermometer to star gazer you can use to display star constellation.

With all strength, it doesn’t mean that this Casio Commando is not advanced mobile. Casio Commando has used Android 2.2 or popularly called Froyo. It shows that Casio Commando has entered smartphone category

Other Casio Commando features are 5 MegaPixels camera you can use to take your photo when you were in adventure, Wi-Fi also GPS. This Casio Commando cooperated with Verizon wireless and recently only sold in US. For you who love adventure, you shall buy this Casio Commando.


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