Dell : Android Tablet Has Failed to Compete with iPad

Founder and CEO of Dell Inc., Michael Dell, on Tuesday said that Android-basis Tablet has failed in reaching significant market-share against Apple iPad domination and he put more expectation to Windows 8 platform from Microsoft to fight against iPad.

According to Dell, Tablet market recently basically is iPad trading and until now, Apple competitors have failed in offering attractive alternative for market outside iPad. “If you see Tablet market, then you’ll say that now there’s only iPad in the market,” said Dell when he was speaking on Web 2.0 Summit.

Dell : Android Tablet Has Failed to Compete with iPad

”Things about Android in tablet doesn’t run well. Microsoft has good chance in tablet with Windows 8, we’re very interesting about the work they (Microsoft) have done.”

Michael Dell’s words are against his optimism last April who said that Android tablet marketing would get through iPad just like the market of Android total cell phone marketing which has got through iPhone. Dell himself reported to have plan stopping production of his Dell Streak 7 tablet and until now he still has no further plan to make new Android Tablet. They were reported to focus on Windows 8 and prepare to release the first Windows 8 tablet on the third quarter of 2012.

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