Disappoint with iPhone 4S color Design? Just Modify it with ColorWare!

iPhone 4S has been released some moments ago, and as usual, Apple didn’t change much its shape, design, and color. For you who got disappoint with iPhone 4S which has similar design with its predecessor, ColorWare could be an interesting solution and worth to be tried. iPhone 4S can be ‘colored’ as your taste, and more than your expectation, all parts can be changed into various colors.

Disappoint with iPhone 4S color Design? Just Modify it with ColorWare!

ColorWare itself is a famous company run in customization of Apple product field, recently they also add iPhone 4S device into their service. Previously, there are many other Apple products customized here, just like iPad. Surely here, ColorWare extend their service for other products outside Apple such as BlackBerry. ColorWare gives various color choice started from solid, glossy, to metallic. iPhone part which can be shifted are side frame, rear, button, simcard tray, even to earbuds.

For exchange and specialization on iPhone, it would cost about $250. While to get unique design directly without sending it to ColorWare first, there would take $1500 for 16GB, and $1700 for 64GB. It’s true that modifying iPhone 4S with ColorWare is still expensive. Are you interesting?

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