Does Cloud Really Help Our life?

SOT still remember the day when SOT read morning newspaper which discussed about Steve Jobs presentation about Cloud technology. Jobs probably wasn’t the founder of this technology, but in fact, he was the one who popularized Cloud and full of passion he declared his vision that Cloud will be future trend. Slowly, his “propechy” come true today. By many of Giant IT company provided Cloud storage, and also many Cloud-basis service such as managerial and collaborative application, and new type of cloud-basis antivirus which SOT often discussed.

This time, SOT asked all of you to do contemplation to answer this question: Does cloud really help our life?

Does Cloud Really Help Our life?

Let’s see this recent phenomena objectively. Now, there are more small company chose to have virtual office (SOT is one of them anyway…) There are many physical function of office, recently can be done comfortably using virtual office from each employee’s house. Business now move into cloud direction, started from work market like odesk, to financial management system and online fax service.

Small business now save more money because it’s able to reduce overhead cost such as rent, procuring, even cost for cleaning service and office boy… They’re all the example of online service providing which is able to fulflll many people needs without worrying about huge loss if the business failed. There are so many online service provider offered free period to try their service. SOT could give you examples of companies which depend themselves on cloud system.

Many program or service like Google Voice or Skype offered low-priced local and international phone, even for free. You can even get online fax service to send fax from home, even without fax machine. There’s also chat service offered personal chatting for ‘teleconference’ to work on company’s project. Gotomeeting and are dedicated service for conference phone and chat. All of them made communication easier.

Cloud technology also make us easier in sharing, giving comment and editing document online, since all employees in company work altogether. This type of service is offered by Sharepoint, GoogleDocs, and ConceptShare.

Online calendar can also be used as your personal assistant. You can put your whole schedules and tasks, sharing with your coworker or employee, even use it to manage a plan with your friends. For example is Google Calendar which is a user friendly program.

Cloud also makes possible Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You can see this kind of service in:

Most of huge banks all over the world now have online banking system to integrate accounts online. You can view transaction, balance, and do other transactions online. There’s also a program which support you to do recording or financial diagram making like Wesabe and Dimewise. If you live in Europe and US, even you can get online debt via Prosper (As far as I know, this kind of service isn’t reached Indonesia yet. But who knows in the future…)

From so many evidences, then we should put great respect to the late Mr. Jobs and said, “Yes sir, this thing really really change our life…” Cloud technology recently has supported world’s civilization development!

Natasha Jones is a 20 years-old girl who really passionate about technology. She spent most of her time by looking for any technology issues around the net. Once she get bored, she would take a walk with her lovely dog, Bimboo.

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