Download Dragon Illusion : Extra-Magical Illusion Paper!

Insane! That word firstly appeared in my mind when watching illusion phenomena of Dragon illusion. Yes.. Sometimes our brain is easy to be tricked, especially visually. The example, when we watch illusion picture which is actually static, but we saw it like spinning. But this Dragon Illusion is really different illusion. At least, that’s what I felt. How couldn’t I amaze? A dragon shape from paper will turn its head to us wherever we watched it. Stared at us just like in great anger. Just watch this Dragon Illusion action video.

Are you still not satisfied watching Dragon Illusion action? Here’s another video.

Still not satisfied?

Just feel the illusion sensation of Dragon Illusion directly. You just have to download PDF file below.

Blue colored Dragon Illusion PDF File
Red colored Dragon Illusion PDF File
Green colored PDF Dragon Illusion PDF File

After you download the file, print it, then cut, attach, and shape it as the manual in the picture.


After the Dragon Illusion finished, put it in a position so you can see a complete dragon form. Try to watch the dragon head from various sides, and you’ll find the strange happened! Enjoy trying:)

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