Download Premium WordPress Themes Valued $658.9 from Theme-Junkie

For you who once made Blog or site using WordPress, you must be familiar with WordPress themes term. WordPress Themes determined the design and display from blog or site made with WordPress platform. This SpyOnTech is an example of site made using WordPress platform. By using good WordPress and themes, you’ll have blog or site which seemed professional. In this article, I’ll show you how to download premium wordpress themes for free and legal!

Yup.. WordPress Themes consisted of free themes which can be downloaded directly from WordPress Themes Directory, also paid premium themes. What we called premium and paid, commonly would be better, whether from the design perspective, the simplicity to be used, also its flexibility. From its name, premium WordPress themes… its designs and features are surely also premium, aren’t it?^^

Theme-Junkie is one of my favorite premium themes developer. Besides its modern-but-simple design, themes made by Theme-Junkie can be considered light to be loaded and it also has good search engine optimization.

I personally have been a member of Theme-Junkie premium since a year ago with $49.95 cost per year so I can get all their premium WordPress themes.

But now you don’t have to become premium member like me to have premium WordPress themes made by Theme-Junkie. It turns out, there’s a way to get themes package from Theme-Junkie for free and legal.

By this way, you can have all premium wordpress themes made by Theme-Junkie, which if you calculated its value, it’s equal with $658.9 (22 themes premium x $29.95 ). It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Alright, we don’t have to wait longer. Feel free to follow this guidance to download premium WordPress themes made by Theme-Junkie for free and legal!

1. Visit EasyWPSEO plugin page.

Easy WP Seo

2. Fill in your name and email address, right in right-below sidebar. After that, click on Download Now.


3. Open email from EasyWPSeoPlugin then click on link confirmation link appeared.


4. a page contained premium WordPress themes download link from Theme-Junkie will be opened. Just click on its download link. Whoops, I forgot to tell that, in addition of premium WordPress theme, you can also get WP Stealth Link Plugin ^^


This premium WordPress themes package contained 22 premium WordPress themes from Theme-Junkie.


One of my most favorite WordPress themes is Video Plus which its demo can be seen here.

Video Plus Premium WordPress themes demo


Which Premium WordPress Theme you like?

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