DroidKungFu : New Android Malware Attacks, Beware!

If you are android user, especially Chinese android users, you should to be careful when installing apps from Android Market alternatives and forum based in China. It because there is a new malware named DroidKungFu has just founded. DroidKungFu is a new android malware that found in android market alternatives and forum based in China and apparently targeted at Chinese Android users.

DroidKungFu break out the android security container by decrypt two known root exploits, exploid and rageagainstthecage. Then it will contacts a remote server in a background and collect various information about the infected phone such as IMEI number, phone model, Android OS version.

DroidKungFu : New Android Malware Attacks, Beware!

All android users who install infected apps and running android 2.21 or below are affected. To prevent you from infected with DroidKungFu, I suggest you to download and install apps only from official android market or other reputabe apps markets. Avoid downloading apps from unknown or unreputable forums.

To protect your Android device, you also can install Android Security apps like Lookout Mobile Security that I’ve reviewed before.


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