Dynamic Disk Manager Beta Testing Program: Join and Get Your Gifts!

AomeiTech or mostly known as Aomei have opened a beta testing for their new software, Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager. This beta-testing program would be valid until July 30th, 2011. For anyone who joined Dynamic Disk Manager beta testing program, they will receive various gifts from AomeiTech.

Dynamic Disk Manager Beta Testing Program

All beta testers who give kind feedback or suggestion would receive the Final Version of Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Professional Edition. Top 20 active beta testers who actively report feedback on features, usability and bugs would also get Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition. Then AomeiTech offer Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Unlimited Edition for 10 lucky beta testers selected randomly.

Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager is the latest software created by AomeiTech, which would be officially released at the beginning of August. This software based on RAID management and disk conversion. Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager could be the all-in-one solution to maximize disk space usage of your PCs and servers.

These are the key features of Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager:

1. Resize dynamic disk to reorganize hard drive structure.
2. Shrink or expand dynamic volume with simple steps.
3. Extend dynamic system volume to contiguous unallocated space.
4. Move slice to adjust dynamic volume configuration.
5. Add drive to Software RAID 0 and RAID-5.
6. Remove drive from Software RAID 0 and RAID-5.
7. Convert basic disk to dynamic disk.
8. Convert GPT disk to MBR and vice versa.

You can download Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager for the beta-testing purpose at this link below:



For more information about this beta testing program, visit Aomei official page. Don’t forget to subscribe to our articles for more updates. Thanks to AomeiTech for told us about this beta-testing program.

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