FastStone Image Viewer Updated to Version 4.5, What’s New?

2 month ago I’ve posted and reviewed about FastStone Image Viewer, a free image viewer and image editor software. When I reviewed that software before, It still on it’s old version, FastStone Image Viewer 4.4. Today I found that FastStone Image Viewer already updated to version 4.5 with several fixed bugs and new features available.

FastStone Image Viewer Updated to Version 4.5

Okay maybe I’m too late to inform you with this update because FastStone Image Viewer actually update to version 4.5 on 12 april 2011 ago. But since this software is quite useful, there is no any wrong to inform you with this update, even it’s too late.

FastStone Image Viewer 4.5 has several fixed bugs in the print and email dialogs. Now you also possible to adjust lighting, colors, levels and curves within selected areas of any image you want.

For you who don’t know about FastStone Image Viewer yet, you can read FastStone Image Viewer complete review on my previous post. If you’re a FastStone Image Viewer user and didn’t updated it yet, you can download it’s latest version from this link below:


Download FastStone Image Viewer 4.5

You can choose which version that you want, there are Installer version and Portable version available. You also could find FastStone Image Viewer tips and tutorial from the link above.

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