Firefox Developer: Faster is not Always Better

If you have used Firefox for long time, you surely feel there’s something ‘difference’ with this browser’s behavior. Yup. It’s true! Firefox browser now can be updated faster. Firefox tried to overcome the fast update of Google Chrome which is one of its main competitor.

Firefox Developer: Faster is not Always Better

Jono DiCarlo, one of Firefox developer stated that many people hate fast update done by Firefox lately. Previously, this browser was updated once in several months, even annually, now almost every five or six weeks, there always be a new update.

Jono said there are three main things impressed firefox update as something ‘bad’
1. Update process need download and restart procedure which often disturb the users’ works with various intrusive dialog box.

2. Update process often “damage” various things used by users, started from addon, compatibility with other software, also various lost features.

3. Rapid interface changes made the users’ productivities decreased. It because most of users should suit themselves with new interface.

The faster Firefox update cycle actually based by their intention to compete Google Chrome update speed. Firefox don’t want to be lose by Google Chrome!
The worse, it became one reason of some Firefox users to shift into Google Chrome. Yes. Although Google Chrome updated faster, Google Chrome update process can be happened without any disturbance for the users.

Just watch browser usage statistic of year 2011-2012 here:

Firefox Developer: Faster is not Always Better

It can be seen ho FIrefox’s popularity got decreased and Google Chrome popularity is raising.

Probably it would be better to hear what Jono DiCarlo said: faster isn’t always better. What do you think?


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