Flickr Now Provides Drag and Drop Uploader Feature

Free picture storage service from Yahoo, Flickr, has just been updated with latest technology: HTML5. By using this technology, Flicker become faster and more interactive. Its upload feature has also used drag and drop technology. A popular technology after the release of HTML5.

Flickr claimed that now their site become 20-30 percent faster. In addition of increasing speed and drag and drop feature, now Flickr also able to display picture thumbnail soon after you uploaded the picture.

Flickr Now Provides Drag and Drop Uploader Feature

By utilizing this HTML5, managing picture in Flickr would be felt like managing picture in computer directly. We can do rotate, zoom, and arranging photo orders you had without visiting photostream.

Almost all features which previously existed in photostream, now can be enjoyed in uploader, such as managing photo license type, friend tag, and other advanced features.

For privacy matter, now Flickr in default made your picture private, until you arrange it into public. you surely only able to enjoy the latest feature and technology from Flickr if you already used up to date browser.

To test the latest feature of Flickr, you can visit directly this Flickr page:


Now is the time for you to leave your old browser and turn into the latest version. By doing it, you can enjoy various latest website technology optimally. Am I right?

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