Genius Navigator 905: Mouse which is able to stick on Notebook!

Genius, one of popular computer accessories manufacturer has released stylish mouse named Genius Navigator 905. This mouse is pretty unique since it can stick on your notebook or laptop! Navigator 905 is a variance of BlueEye Wireless Mouse which was given some artistic touch and uniqueness .

Genius Navigator 905: Mouse which is able to stick on Notebook!

Touch brought in this Genius Navigator 905 are mouse surface design was made in diamond pattern. It certainly different with common mouse. In addition of design, technology from Genius Navigator 905 is really advanced. Just imagine, Genius Navigator 905 has provided auto connection and frequency and hopping frequency technology, so I would be avoided interference.

Beside, as done to other BlueEye variances, Genius Navigator 905 is also equipped by 1200dpi BlueEye tracking which has proven its advanced technology it worked well in almost all kind of surfaces. Since the advanced optic used by BlueEye Wireless Mouse variance is different from optic used to as used by common mouse.

Unique feature added in Genius Navigator 905 is Stick-N-Go. This feature made you possible to stick Genius Navigator 905 in your notebook so it would avoid to be dropped even if you bring your notebook anyhwere. Kinda interesting isn’t it? For you who want to have Genius Navigator 905, it’s not too expensive. It would cost only USD 27.9 you can stick on Genius Navigator 905 in your notebook!


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