Google I/O : Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google and Samsung a few hours ago has just announce their new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, at the same time, there also released the latest Android version which will combine operating system between Tablet and Smartphone.

Google I/O : Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

In brief, Galaxy Nexus is a cell phone with the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and provides 4,65” screen with HD resolution 1280 x 720 pixels. Ice Cream Sandwich also uses new font type named Roboto. What are the latest feature of Ice Cream Sandwich ?

1. Lock screen

Now, there is more information on the front page lock screen from ICS such as clock, day, date, battery power, and there would be animation when you open the screen key. Just like rumored before, ICS now able to open screen lock using face recognition feature beside standard unlock of traditional Android.

2. Homescreen and Launcher

Widget on recent homescreen, just like on Honeycomb, its size can be managed and scrolled as each widget purpose. ICS now also prepare to be cell phone OS without any button or full touch screen using three Android basic button in virtual as replacement of physical button. Just like in iOS, making folder between icons in default can be done by overlapping one icon to another icon.

Ice Cream Sandwich Homescreen and Launcher

ICS Task manager has similar display as Honeycomb and to erase one application from multitasking list is enough just slide the application out. Google also made easy way to get screen capture, which is by pressing volume down and power at the same time, and the screenshot result would be displayed in Polaroid style.

Ice Cream Sandwich Homescreen and Launcher

3. Browser

ICS default Browser makes easier to access tab and open website page just like its desktop version which can be set since the beginning, so it would make easier for user who doesn’t like mobile display. If you’re a fan of all Google product and using Chrome as your favorite browser in computer, ICS makes possible to synchronize bookmark between default browser with Google Chrome in computer. Standard feature of browser such as incognito mode (private browsing) now has been available to be used.

4. Data Usage

This feature is very important for Android user who used internet package with quota since this feature would monitor what applications which accessed data and how many data absorbed. Not just that, you can also set your alarm in manual way if an application used too many data. User can also turn off data usage of an application if it’s over quota limit set for certain application.

Ice Cream Sandwich Data Usage

5. Camera and Photo

Google claimed that there wouldn’t be any interlude for photo taking with camera. So, user who loves to take many pictures at once or hate the interlude every time taking picture would be helped by this feature. Gallery in ICS also changed by the availability of simple photo editing picture. Panorama mode is now also available by default on camera application.

Ice Cream Sandwich Camera and Photo

Besides, there are also other changes in ICS such as name change from previously “Contacts” now become “People”. Does it sound like Windows Phone 7 ? Yes, because people display is also similar with “people” feature on Windows Phone 7 tile by unification of conversation list whether through text message, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, and other applications which has its API plug-in. People will also display the latest social network update status from list of people inside it. Google developed voice command ability in default keyboard of ICS, where now typing result, through sound would be displayed on screen at the same time with voice command in. so, there won’t be waiting interlude each time typing message through speech-to-text feature in ICS.

Ice Cream Sandwich Camera and Photo

One more is Android Beam. This feature mainly uses NFC to share content. Just like on in Symbian Belle, user just has to put two ICS handset to share content such as contact list, multimedia file, document, and other shareable files.

Ice Cream Sandwich Camera and Photo

For you, Android mania, SDK from Ice Cream Sandwich is already available to be downloaded from

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