Google Wallet Offers Simplicity and Bonus from NFC

Google Wallet Momentum as one of NFC usage on smartphone seems get better. It can be seen from Google latest announcement which stated that there’s more retail partnership using Google Wallet as one of payment ways, including through coupon and bonus.

So now, Nexus S 4G user who has Google Wallet can walk into supporting retail shop to make payment, using the coupon and even get award poin just by once touched the cell phone to device provided. Google called this as Google Wallet SingleTap experience.

Google Wallet Offers Simplicity and Bonus from NFC

Google Wallet Application also has been renewed so tab Offers now shows Featured Offers part from discount provided special for Google Wallet. There’s 10-15% discounts from some retails, including special price on certain products.

Google Wallet nowadays also displays better transaction details with real-time transaction information. This information included shop name, price, and purchase time of each goods. See this video to find out how Google Wallet in Action:

Google seems develop their merchant amount to support this Google Wallet development.


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