Happy 10th Birthday, Windows XP!

10 years old is still a kid for a human life, but for an operating system, it is too old! On August 24th, 2001, Microsoft Windows XP was firstly released to the market. It means that Windows XP was turned 10 years old yesterday. Even it still used by millions of computer users, Microsoft plans to stop the Windows XP support on April 2014.

Happy 10th Birthday, Windows XP

There are 49.8% Microsoft OS users still used Microsoft Windows XP as their operating system. Windows 7 itself is only used by 27.9% users. The Windows XP domination might be dropped quickly after April 2014. Before the released of Windows 8, Windows 7 is the best Microsoft OS alternative for XP users who want to upgrade their operating system.

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  • malkhaz

    Xp was a great operating system. Happy birthday XP!

    • When I first time using a computer, it was installed with Windows XP. I used it for several years. Even now I still use it on my virtualbox to test various software. I agree with you, Malkhaz. XP is a great operating system.

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