HOT: Microsoft Create Social Network as Facebook and Google+ Competitor!!

Microsoft is reported testing silently a new social networking which called It seems like, Microsoft will make social network which is similar with Google+.

This Microsoft secret project is firstly smelled on the last July, when they tested the website for online, then the information exposed to public, and finally can be accessed for several moments.

HOT: Microsoft Create Social Network as Facebook and Google+ Competitor!!

Project, which is called by Tulip has slogan “Find what you need and share what you know easier than ever”. As quoted from The Verge, as its slogan, Socl is a combination between searching, adventure, and social. Socl has design with three standard column setting, with main navigation located on the left side, news line / update in the middle, and some features collection on the right side.

Column for searching located in upper part, which is its search engine surely made Bing from Microsoft. Everytime user try to search with certain keyword, Bing will give relevant result as the activity of the account owner.

Socl has “Video Party” feature which is similar with video conference feature located in Google+, Google Hangouts. By “Video Party”, user can do conversation through video with some other users at one time.

In this Microsoft social network ‘candidate’, user can sign in using Facebook or Twitter account. Although Microsoft denied the existence of such secret project, they seemed working continuously to develop Socl. (via TheVerge)

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