Hot Security News: David Beckham Website’s Hacked!

Graham Cluley from Sophos Security found that the website of David Beckham has been defaced yesterday. It defaced with an image of a hapless dog attempting to eat a bowl of dog food painted on a street sign.

David Beckham Website’s Hacked

It also marked with a text message below:

ScooterDAshooter = FAIL

After looking closer to its code, it seems that it’s a pure defacement without any malicious code injected.

David Beckham Website’s code after hacked

If the hacker inject malicious code on David Beckham website, it could be dangerous for every visitor. Their computer might infected and I believe there are thousands of David Beckham’s fans visit his site everyday. Fortunately it’s not happen on this case. To protect your computer from malicious code, use powerful antivirus software such as Avira Premium Security Suite, Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro, or other antivirus software you like.

David Beckham’s website is not the first football stars website defaced by hacker. Previously Diego Armando Maradona also got the same things. A Peruvian hacker deface his website and give him a message:

We made you cry – For the biggest cry baby of all time – you beat us at football, but we beat you on the web.

Diego Armando Maradona Website’s Hacked

Other football stars, Ronaldinho also had the same experience. His website defaced and his photos compared with star wars figure Jar Jar Binks and Osama bin Laden.

Ronaldinho Website’s Hacked

If you have personal website, you should care about your web security. Don’t let your website hacked or defaced. Sophos give us a few tips how to secure your website. This rather old but useful tips to follow.

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