How Actually Mobile TV Works?

If you’re an undergraduate students or field worker who mostly count on cell phone to accompany you, you probably use your cell phone as entertainment and to fill your spare time. Using all cell feature, including online television to avoid missing the favorite show is also a creative effort in filling your time.

Are you owner of a cell phone which has mobile TV feature? In Indonesia, mostly this feature found in local cell and smartphone. Although simple, ever crossed your mind about how this mobile TV works?

How Actually Mobile TV Works?

SOT silently interesting about it, and finally try to find out about how actually this cell phone television work, and share it to all of you.

Television cell phone idea basically is simple, a cell phone which is able to function as receiver to receive TV broadcast. Just like house television, Mobile TV has their own tools to extract audio and video content from radio signal and process it to display television broadcast on screen.

This concept is not surprising, but sending TV signal in mobile framework has some challenges. For example, video streaming need fast transmission speed. “2G” GSM network provides speed from 10 to 14 kilobits per second (Kbps), and “2.5G” network offers 30 to 100 Kbps. In 10 Kbps, a TV broadcast will be viewed as slide show and in 100 Kbps would be interrupted. There’s also bandwidth problem since television data need wider room than audio, and send it to thousands cell phone simultaneously will slower the network. Even more, battery power problem to display video content. It is quite difficult actually.

How Actually Mobile TV Works?

There are many broadcast and sending method to be used. You can broadcast live TV in cellular via satellite. There are two ways to use this approach, they are MBSAT and S-DMB. In S-DMB (Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) , content server should send TV broadcast via encoder (commonly MP4 for video and AAC for audio) and transmit it into DMI satellite.

Geostationer radio will emit the signal directly to terrestrial repeaters in 12.214 to 12.239 GHz wave and directly try cellular phone. There’s also a weakness since broadcasting often didn’t reach the devices because of disturbed satellite, building and subway. This device will also coordinate so the user would be able to receive broadcasting and end it by strong signal.

How Actually Mobile TV Works?

Receiving TV signal, then you’ll be connected by a TV Tuner which is similar to radio receiver. There are analog tuner or digital if you want to cheese them.

How it works, is similar with radio AM / FM, TV Tuner listening special frequency to get radio wave transmitted from channel to be transmitted into anthene and the certain channel. Here you’re and your cell will have fun watching television broadcast presented.

Finally, that’s how your mobile television working to capture television broadcast until finally you use it as friend in spare time or entertainment when you get bored. Then, what if you prefer watching television in front of laptop? You can use Miro which is a software to change your computer into Online TV.


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