HTC: We Observe Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has been given a chance by Google to strat Android 4.0 with Galaxy Nexus, but what about other Android vendor response? HTC could have the most difficult task, reminding they has integrated UI sense very deep into user interface, created different usage experience compared with standard version.

HTC: We Observe Ice Cream Sandwich

Surely they won’t be quiet; they have released statement to confirm that they have paid attention to new features and functionality introduced by Google this morning, and they have considered how to insert Ice Cream Sandwich without sacrificing usability and performance in their Android device. It’s very interesting, there are so many UI elements popular in Sense became standard functionality in Ice Cream Sandwich. Just see HTC statement:

“We’re very interesting about Android Ice Cream Sandwich update, and now considering its features and functionality to decide our upgrade plan. Our purpose for Android update is giving the customers better experience, which means balancing unique hardware of every cell phone, HTC Sense and Android kernel. Our purpose is upgrading the existed device as many as possible, but we still have commitment to maintain cell phone performance and usage first. Please wait for further update and the specific upgrade plan.”

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