iKeyboard : Revolutionary Virtual Keyboard for Typing Faster, Better and Easier on iPad

Have you tried to type a lot of emails, documents, or notes using your iPad with its virtual keyboard? It’s very exhausting! It’s difficult to type faster on iPad without any additional keyboard. But carrying additional keyboard everywhere such a damn thing. Clief Thier, make a great concept to released iKeyboard, a revolutionary virtual keyboard for typing faster, better and easier on iPad.

iKeyboard : Revolutionary Virtual Keyboard for Typing Faster, Better and Easier on iPad

Actually, iKeyboard is not an additional keyboard. It just a lightweight and slim keyboards that piggybacks on an iPad. It’s a thin layer of film within each key cutout that when pressed, presses into the ipad key.

We know when we type using iPad virtual keyboard, there are several things happen to us:

1. Barely touch the screen, and we often type the wrong letter.

2. Our fingers have no place to rest and our hands must be suspended over the virtual keyboard.

3. We always have to look at the virtual keyboard and can’t look anywhere else.

Those things make us must hunt and peck each letter so we can’t type faster and easier on iPad. Even I myself will not type 20 pages documents using my iPad. It’s too difficult and exhausting!

How iKeyboard help you type faster, better and easier on iPad?

1. The iKeyboard gives positioning cues and tactile feedback missing from virtual keyboards.

2. You don’t have to always look at the keyboard when typing because your fingers now have place to rest.

3. You can remember the letters place easily.

iKeyboard will increase our speed and accuracy when typing using iPad virtual keyboards. Unfortunately, iKeyboard still in development. You can donate to support this development project by visiting Cliff Thier website at KickStarter.com


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