iOS 5 Beta 5 Recently Updated – What’s New?

Yesterday, Apple has updated iOS 5 beta 5. This update is available to download for developers. There are a lot of new features on iOS 5 beta 5. However, there are also several bugs in this beta version. Now let’s take a look closer on iOS 5 beta 5.

New features on iOS 5 beta 5.

iOS 5 beta 5 has text to speech capabilities. Apple may use technology from Nuance as earlier rumors suggested. There is a microphone icon nestled next to the keyboard space bar. When this icon clicked, there will a page appears. This page stays up for as long as you are talking. After you finished talking, the screen reverts to the keyboard page, with your spoken words appearing in the text box.

Speech to Text Capabilities on iOS 5 beta 5

image courtesy of 9to5Mac

There is also hearing aid functionality. According to its description, this feature will improve use with hearing aids, but may reduce 2G cellular coverage.

Hearing aid mode on iOS 5 beta 5

Image taken from NatesTechUpdate Youtube Video

The other new feature of iOS 5 beta 5 is a new camera shortcut icon on photos application. It allows you to access the camera and take a new shot directly from photos application.

New Camera Shortcut Icon on Photos App

Image taken from NatesTechUpdate Youtube Video

iOS 5 beta 5 bugs

As the beta version, of course there still a lot of bugs in iOS 5 beta 5. One of the known bugs is the volume sliders that not updating even when volume buttons are activated.

Want to install iOS 5 beta 5?

If you want to install iOS 5 beta 5 on your iOS device, backup your content first to avoid bugs such as loss of photos after iTunes backup restoration.

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