iPad 2 won completely from 10 other Tablets

According to the research, iPad 2 took the top rank as the most popular tablet, beat other 10 tablet competitors. A test which was done by Consumer Reports placed the most popular tablet above some other tablet competitors.

From the test, there found that Motorola Xoom became the main rival which should be paid attention by Apple with its iPad 2.

iPad 2 won completely from 10 other Tablets

The finding stated that Xoom is more competitive than iPad 2 with 10 inches screen, built in memory card reader, also supports from flash animation to open certain site.

Other finding placed Archos, Dell, Motorola, Samsung, and ViewSonic to be considered. The tablets has responsive touchscreen, portable design, screen glare, and easy to be operated.

From price perspective, Archos 70 Internet Tablet placed the cheapest tablet with price USD 270, with battery power that able to survive for 3,8 hours.

“This far, Apple is leaded as tablet in the market with good quality and reachable price,” Paul Reynolds as editor on Cunsumer Reports concluded.


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