iPhone 4S has quality Problem on Screen, Yellowgate?

There are some complains which recently popped from iPhone 4S users related with screen quality on the cell phone. It turns out that display on this iPhone 4S for some people tend to yellow (some people called it Yellowgate trouble, begin from antenna problem on iPhone 4 which called Antennagate). Those users brought their problems into support Forum for Apple, and they felt the difference more compared with screen on iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S has quality Problem on Screen, Yellowgate?

In addition of its yellow screen, there also reported bad contrast problem, a bit pale color (washed-out), sometimes the problems appear at the same time. The problems seemed once appeared in the beginning of iPhone 4 launching. According to various report, it happened because of yellow adhesive material which has not gone yet in iPhone shipment which done as fast as it possible because of high demand. After few time, the adhesive material would be dry and lost by itself.

Until now, Apple still hasn’t confirmed any news related with this problem. Other possibility, this only happened to some units of iPhone 4S, not overall quality of iPhone 4S screen. To see the difference, there is comparison between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S below.

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