It’s time to leave your old Browser – Hey, what’s going on actually??

From the statistic of SypOnTech visitors, it can be seen that there are many people using old version browsers. Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 3.6, and other old-version browsers, are still used often by users. Actually, it’s nothing wrong by it, but technology is changing quickly. The previous technology condition and now is far different. To get full benefit from the internet technology development, you’d better say goodbye to your old version browsers. Here are some reasons why you’d better leave old browsers:

It’s time to leave your old Browser – Hey, what’s going on actually??

1. Old Browser has tendency to be slower

There are many myth developed that updated software used to be more complicated, complex and heavy. In browser’s world, this myth is irrelevant. It because, in each browser’s update, speed become one calculated factor. Latest version browsers used to be faster compared with old browser when it is used to open website page.

2. Could not enjoy website features optimally

Internet and programming technology change rapidly. Recently, there are many website used HTML5 and CSS3 technology to be more interactive. Website features are also made more advanced by using the latest technology today. Old browsers haven’t recognize those new technology, so it made the users couldn’t enjoy website features optimally. Even, often website display with the latest technology will be messed if it is opened by old-version browser.

3. Old Browser has lower security

Security became the first reason in updating a browser. Almost all browsers, when they are updated, they also included security update. It is done to improve browser safety from dangerous hack and exploit. In fact, there are many minor reasons which made old browser better be left behind. For example, for performance, stability, etc.

That’s why I suggest you to update the browser you use routinely. Moreover, most of the popular browser can be got for free.

The latest version of each browser can be downloaded directly from their main site here:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

I think it would be more safely and comfortable to do browsing by new browser than using old browser. How do you think?

Natasha Jones is a 20 years-old girl who really passionate about technology. She spent most of her time by looking for any technology issues around the net. Once she get bored, she would take a walk with her lovely dog, Bimboo.

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  1. Greg says:

    My school must not believe in this. We’re still using IE8 with XP
    And the computers that have FF and Chrome installed are version 4 and 10

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