Let’s play Angry Birds in Real World!

Angry Birds develops into unique phenomena in game industry. Although carrying simple game system, this angry birds appear so addictive. Selling rate and various amazing facts related with this game become evidences which strengthen the predicate. If you feel it’s not enough playing this game in your browser screen or smartphone, Rovio now give you a chance to play this game in real world. Right, you will have slingshot in your hand and bird to be thrown.

real angry birds

Cooperating with a toy company – Mattel, Rovio made Angry Birds game more realistic. They released an innovative board game named Angry Birds: Knock on Wood which is quite adorable. The game designed for two to four people really presented all special elements of Angry Brids, from building block, pig, and bird, to magical slingshot. The core of the game based on card. Player who plays role as pig should take provided card and design building as described on card. What about player who play role as bird? Surely taking the slingshot and throw the angry birds.

Angry Birds Toys

Angry Birds Toys

The winner decided from how effective throwing done, building block left, and the amount of dead pigs. Angry Birds: Knock on Wood will include 3 bird figures, 4 pigs, 14 building blocks, a slingshot, and 56 mission cards to be fulfilled. For you who get interested, this game has been sold online in big shopping site such as Amazon.com with affordable price, USD 14 – USD 20 per package. One con you should meet, you won’t find various funny sound effect which made Angry Birds attractive. Or you may force your friend to figure it? It’s always be good option. (via Kotaku)

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