LG Introduced 3D Mobile Digital TV

Mobile Digital TV or popularly called MDTV now its technology has developed rapidly. LG, one of the top electronic vendor in the world has just introduced 3D Mobile Digital TV with small size and you can bring wherever you want to.

This LG 3D MDTV not only give 3 dimension broadcast in your hand, but also give internet connectivity access, so you still connected with various popular social network such as facebook and twitter.

LG Introduced 3D Mobile Digital TV

This LG 3D MDTV is introduced by LG in National Association Of Broadcasters Show 2011 which held on las Vegas. This 3D MDTV by LG has screen size which is only 7 Inches, fit size for Mobile Digital TV.

Technology provided by this LG 3D MDTV is advanced, with only 7 inches screen and fit size in your palm, LG 3D MDTV is able to display 3D figure with naked eye without any need to use special goggle. Beside, the usage of ATSC standard to broadcast 3D created high flexibility for broadcasters.

Although LG 3D Mobile Digital TV is still prototype, but looks like LG won’t wait long to release and market this LG 3D MDTV. New phase in MDTV technology has just begun


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