LG Supplies iPhone 5 Screen, There Won’t Be Retina Display Anymore?

The Korean Times reported that LG Display will keep supply screen for future iPhone, iPhone 5. Unfortunately, screen on iPhone 5 will lose its Retina Display title since with the same resolution (960×640 pixels), iPhone 5 will have screen with 4” wide or ‘just’ 288 ppi. Compare it with 326 ppi provided by iPhone 4/4S.

LG Supplies iPhone 5 Screen, There Won’t Be Retina Display Anymore?

Along these time, there found if human eye’s retina can differ pixel in a screen with maximum limit 300 ppi, so, by 288 ppi, iPhone 5 screen wouldn’t call as Retina Display again if there’s no difference on the screen resolution.

All this time, Retina Display jargon, in addition to show screen quality of iPhone, also used by Apple as part of Marketing and advertising, so it seems like Apple won’t be easy to release the ‘retina title’ on iPhone screen of next generation. Does it mean, there will be screen resolution change in iPhone 5?

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