Microsoft OmniTouch Sophistication: All Flat Surface Can Be Touch Field

Future just as we see in many science-fiction movies has come closer. Two teams in Microsoft Research recently work hard to present two new projects they will present in UI UIST symposium at 2012.

Microsoft OmniTouch Sophistication: All Flat Surface Can Be Touch Field

One of the eye-catching projects is OmniTouch, which made any basis as mat for touch-screen. How to use it is by placing device like Kinect in upper shoulder which will be any surface to be used by multi-touch gesture, click, drag, and surely pinch-to-zoom. The technology is really charming, which even the scientist and researcher who worked on this project admit that the first three weeks of its operation was the most difficult moment.

In order to make this OmniTouch works well, they made device which similar with Kinect radiate pico laser with projector which would radiate all pictures on various surface and by censored inside-camera to make the picture can be accessed by finger. The miracle happened by tweaking camera censor to recognize human finger as command input source also adjust the accuration of the hand movement.

Just watch how sophisticated Microsoft OmniTouch in this video:

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