More than 4 millions Units of iPhone 4S Has Been Sold in The first Three Days!

Apple never stops to reach brilliant achievement. According to the latest Press release of Apple, early selling of iPhone 4S has created new note. On the release, there reported that iPhone 4S has been sold more than 4 millions units only on three days after launching. Besides, there are 25 millions people who have done upgrade to iOS 5 at the same period.

More than 4 millions Units of iPhone 4S Has Been Sold in The first Three Days!

As we know, this iPhone 4S launching held at the same time in various countries and also by various operators whether GSM and CDMA. In addition of US, iPhone 4S is also officially available in Australia, Canada, France, German, Japan, and England.

This iPhone 4S selling is predicted to be high since the fact that on the next October 28th there would be another 22 countries start to sell this gadget. Even in the end of 2011, there will be more than 70 countries which will sell this latest dual-core processor Apple smartphone.

One more interesting fact to be recognized is the amount of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users are on the same number. After iPhone 4S sold, Apple decreased iPhone 4 price into 100 dollar only, and even free for iPhone 3GS, with specific term and contract for sure. With this low price, some people will surely turn into this gadget although consider as old generation and become Apple product user too. Who doesn’t want free iPhone? :D

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