Motorola Sold Xoom 400 Dollars while Preparing to Release Xoom 2

According to information revealed by WSJ, Motorola will start selling Xoom tablet for 400 dollar on Sunday. This Xoom Tablet will have 16GB storage media, half of Xoom first generation which had 32 GB storage media.

Motorola Sold Xoom 400 Dollars while Preparing to Release Xoom 2

This step considered as late and there predicted that it wouldn’t make any difference in product selling level. Moreover, nowadays, there’s already other cheaper Android tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire which costs 200 dollar. Tablet enthusiasts can also buy iPad which considered better by only add 100 dollar more.

Beside sold reachable Xoom, Motorola possibly will officially announce their new tablet, which is Xoom 2. This announcement seems would be done in this week, exactly on October 18th 2011 as the invitation sent.

There’s no further information about the price of Motorola’s second Android Tablet, but Motorola has made promotion video about the event on YouTube:

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