Mozilla Firefox Version 14.0.1 has Been Released, Update Your Browser Now!

Not for long after controversy related too-fast Firefox’s update cycle issue, Mozilla released again the latest version of their flagship browser. Yup. That’s correct… Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1 has just released. For you, Firefox browser users, you can update it directly from help > About Firefox menu. You can also download the latest Firefox installer here:


What are new features in this Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1?

  • Searching via Google Bar now using HTTPS. It’s done to make the search result secure from third party manipulation.
  • It already can be used in Mac OS X Lion in Full Screen
  • Plugin now can be configured into “Only Load on Click” (need modification in about:config)
  • Address bar is now equipped with auto-completes typed URLs feature
  • Site identity manager ability has been improved
  • Various repair in security crack.

It seems like, controversy about Firefox update cycle which getting faster doesn’t prevent Mozilla to update their browser continuously in fast period. So, is Mozilla Firefox is still your favorite browser? What do you think about this Firefox update cycle which often determined as too fast?


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