Mozilla Released Firefox Aurora 6, It seems they want to Exceed the Release Speed Limit!!

Mozilla seems currently being raced to continue developing the new version of firefox. This proved with the launch of Firefox Aurora 6 even when Firefox 5 is still in beta version. It means that there are 2 future versions developed at the same time.

Firefox Aurora 6 is the underdeveloped version of the next Firefox 6 final. Firefox Aurora 6 has several new experimental features such as:

1. Data Management Windows which allow you to control over the access of spesific websites have to your privacy data such as cookies, password, location, etc.

Data Management Windows

2. Firefox Aurora 6 built in with Plugin Check features on add-ons manager. It will check and verifies the compability of all installed plugins.

3. Panorama Groups on Demand will improves browser startup time.

There are also several features on Firefox Aurora 6 which useful for web developer, such as:

web developer features

4. Scratchpad feature which lets developers quickly build and test javascript snippets in the browser.

5. Web Console which lets developer to move the console to other parts of the window or break out into a separate window

6. It contain several developer tools which can be accessed on Web Developer Menu.

Web developer would easier when build advanced web apps because Firefox Aurora 6 support HTML5, DOM level 3, server-sent events, networking technology and other tools.

For you who interested to try Firefox 6 Aurora, you can download from this link below:


Click on “Download Mozilla Firefox Aurora” button.

Download Firefox Aurora 6

By developing two versions (Firefox 5 beta and Firefox 6 Aurora) at the same time, Firefox will growing fast and could be the browser leader in the market.


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