5 Myth about Google You Need to Know

One day in 1995, Larry Page came visiting Garcia Molina to show a neat trick he once found. Alta Vista search engine which is not only collecting keywords from the site, but also showed what site linked to the keywords. In the beginning, it is only a game, but then Larry Page turned it into billions dollar worth Search Engine company: Google!

Myth about Google You Need to Know

After it is officially launched about 2000, among fear of dot com companies collapsed caused by Y2K, Google developed rapidly until now it considered as ‘common thing’, whereas, Google is legend who change the way of the world using Internet! Google is a verb, Google is god who’s able to answer any questions, Google is a main reference – a world’s library.

Along its existence, there are so many myths around this ‘shy’ company. As a technology-based company, Google is known as rare to open themselves about system, even server amount they had. SOT revealed five myths about Google through this article!


1. Google doesn’t Make Profit

Myth about Google You Need to Know

Google offers so many online services. There are many Google flagship products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google News, Google Talk, Google Docs and Google Calendar – all of them are just in the surface. Dig deeper, you can find various websites owed by Google like YouTube, Picasa and Blogger. All those services are given free.

So, by viewing all those free services, ordinary people often confused about how Google obtained money. Is Google that generous? This is truly misleaded myth.
In 2008, Google received profit for almost $ 22 billions. 97% of company profit came from advertising. Google has collected two profitable advertising model, they are Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

AdWords is advertisement displayed in Google Searching and placed beside the main search. The search result is labeled as “Sponsored Links.” Advertiser uses AdWords to write short text and do tag with keywords. Google then uses a complex algorithm to find the most relevant advertisement for certain Google Search.

Advertiser didn’t pay Google each time the advertisement displayed. The person would just pay when someone clicking on the advertisement. Click cost are various, average started from 10 cent per click. So, this is not an expensive investment for an advertiser.

Adsense works in the same way, but the advertisement text is located in the website surface which is not owed by Google. If you have a website and you want to get advertisement, then you can register your website for AdSense. Google will use their algorithm to display suitable ads. Each time the visitor clicked it, then the advertiser will pay Google for the advertisement price per click, depend on popularity of certain keyword, then Google will share profit from the cost.


2. Google Makes You Dumber

Myth about Google You Need to Know

This is one of the misleading myths. Just like when first time calculator was introduced, many people said that you’ll get dumber when using calculator, it also happens to Google. Many people said, children will got dumb since they will be lazy to search for answer and just ‘ask’ to Google.

This is a wrong opinion! In fact, by a practical search engine like Google, someone will develop his/her insight since he/she will easily get various information just by typing the right keywords. So, he/she will learn more and get various information. This method’s weakness is: Difficulties in searching trustable information. Many people are misleaded by various excessive information.

So, although it seems bringing laziness, searching information via Google is very useful and developing your insight. Even when you’re lazy, you can make Google googling itself. It really makes us spoiled by Google!


3. Google Knows Everything About You

Myth about Google You Need to Know

Privacy is one of Google’s problem which becam myth. This is prominently appeared after Google published Google Chrome. Many IT Experts found that Google Chrome send cookies contained Google Chrome usage information to Google. When confronted about the fact, Google reasoned that they did that for Chrome development. But it clearly shows that Google interest to someone’s data is undeniable.

It can be seen that Google will store various searching associated with your Internet Protocol (IP) for nine months. Google uses software to do scan to web email related with certain keywords. Google will use stored information to use searching history and email keywords to effectively give online ads to users.

It shows that Google stored so many people personal data which made it in charge of so many data. Similar like what Robert Downey Jr said in Iron Man 2, Google has privatize our data security – guarantee and threat at the same time!


4. Google Earth Try To Spy on You

Myth about Google You Need to Know

Have you tried Google Earth? Type on your home address (especially if your house is located in the downtown region – not small place). Camera will display your town street, then your roof. Zoom again, you’d probably saw your clothes in house’s yard.

There’s a myth that Google Earth is the most amazing real time observation camera. The fact is, Google Earth is maintained from observation and sources for three years. It is old data from a company like DigitalGlobe and Tele Atlas, also government institutions.

“Street View” option from Google Maps also amazing, but they aren’t updated every day – but it is annually. So, don’t worry that you’ll be spied via satellite by Google.


5. Google Want to Owe All Internet

Myth about Google You Need to Know

When Google bought something – like YouTube, it is reported widely. But did you know that Google continuously buying material called as dark fiber?

Dark fiber is a fiber optic network cable used by internet company. Insider said that Google has dark fiber material more than any organization or company in the world.

Why does a company like Google want additional cable? This is triggered myth that Google want to hack the internet!

This is how it happens: When traffic all internet companies already full since many people want to download movie, TV, music, and other media, then Internet Service Provider will struggle to get another bandwidth. It needs additional black fiber. So, when other company has reach their capacity, there’s no choice than using traffic from Google.

Google Representative answer the problem by stating that they need those dark fibers to connect data center all over the world. Google also cooperated with telecommunication company like AT&T to borrow that company’s bandwidth. It needs additional fiber optic.


So, do you believe on the myth or no? SOT will return it to you. From all myths mentioned above, some of them are still mysterious, while other content is an excessive paranoia. Whatever happens, Google has contribute something for civilization. For you who was born before 1990, it is clear that you have watched a giant leap of civilization. From searching reference from library books, now the information window are widely spread from a search engine named Google!

It cannot be denied that Google is something that will remind all over the ages because of their giant tech leap and cultural change they gave.

Natasha Jones is a 20 years-old girl who really passionate about technology. She spent most of her time by looking for any technology issues around the net. Once she get bored, she would take a walk with her lovely dog, Bimboo.

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