Nexus S 4G is succeed to be installed unofficial Android 4.0

Great news for Nexus S users who are impatient to try Android Ice Cream Sandwich in their handset. An Android developer named Breezy is reported successfully porting this Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Nexus S 4G smartphone which previously used Gingerbread. To prepare Android 4.0, Breezy using Android image came from the last SDK releases.

Nexus S 4G is succeed to be installed unofficial Android 4.0

Breezy planned to release this image soon although for now, some features still could not function well. Some feature which couldn’t be run are wifi, Bluetooh and cellular data. Meanwhile, its touch screen isn’t optimized yet for now.

Google previously also stated that Nexus S would get Android 4.0 in this near time. But for people who want to taste the latest version of Android and aren’t afraid to try, ROM from Breezy could be seen to be tried.

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