Nokia Demonstrated NFC Through Mobile Gaming

Nokia has just launched simple game developed by Nokia Research Center aimed to demonstrate how NFC able to be applied on mobile gaming. The three new games from Nokia include Nokia World Flags, Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle and Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle. All these games can be played on Nokia Symbian cell phone with any NFC, including Nokia C7 Astound, C7-00, 600, 603, 700 and 701.

Nokia Demonstrated NFC Through Mobile Gaming

This game doesn’t need to be read or write about the tags when operated, it just needs to detect the tags. It means, it can also operate with zero NFC tag, or operate with credit card, ID Cards, transit cards, etc without touching (contactless). In NFC gaming, Nokia is not pioneer, but Rovio which developed Angry Birds game in its NFC version which also called Angry Birds Magi. Game which released in the beginning of previous year, can also be played in Symbian.

In adopting NFC, there surely takes a long time. Here, they still wait Apple party to participate, which means the chance for NFC basis game is still open wide.

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