5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

Do you know about Optical Disc technology which popularly chatted recently is Blu-Ray? By using Blu-Ray disc, you’ll be able to store data to maximum limit of 50GB. Plus, Blu-Ray data would be able to last until 50 years, but by certain condition, climate, humidity, and handling. Isn’t it amazing? The price for Rewritable Blu-Ray now is about $49 for Sony brand. The cons in optical drive is, optical drive commonly will be lost after two decades or 20 years.

According to SOT, storing data by using optical disc is a bad idea. That’s why, SOT will discuss alternative of optical disc storage. If you want to keep data longer, safer, also with higher capacity, you should read this article.


Memory Card #1

5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

As the beginning for optical disc alternative, you can use Memory Card which is often called by SD Card. By using this, you would be able to store data to 128 GB and it would last for 10 years. Moreover, SD Card is able to do 100.000 to 1.000.000 times of data writing. The price is more expensive, almost twice, but you don’t have to bother yourself searching for drive for the next 20 years. What you need to read data from Memory Card is only Card Reader.


Flash Disk #2

5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

I bet you’re already familiar with this: flashdisk. By using Flashdisk, you can exchange data with your friends, from one computer to another. Flashdisk can be your alternative for optical disc. Besides, the capacity could reach 256GB. By using Flashdisk, you can store data for 20 years and write data from 10.000 to 5.000.000 times. For price, it’s almost similar with memory card, plus, you don’t need supporting device to read data in flashdisk.


External HDD #3

5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

You surely already familiar with External Hard disk, aren’t you? By using External Hard disk, you can store more data than using Blu-Ray, Memory Card or Flashdisk. The ability of external hard disk storage now reached 3TB size. It’s very impressive, isn’t it? But, data writing ability is only for 100,000 to 1,000,000 times which reached 10 years. About price, external hard disk price is far more cheaper. You can get 1TB external HDD just by paying $89.


External SSD #4

5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

If you feel that External HDD is far heavy and big to be brought everywhere, you can use External SSD. . But until now, the External SSD Capacity is still 256GB. By 100,000 to 5,000,000 times data writing and erasing, or about 20 years. But the price is far more expensive than those three other storages above.


Cloud Storage #5

5 Optical Disc Alternatives You Need to Know

Lastly, you can use Cloud Storage as the replacement for Optical Drive. In theory, Cloud Storage provides unlimited storage, but DropBox only give you 2GB for free while if you use paid account, there would be 500GB. But Zip Cloud, a paid Cloud Storage online, dare to present Unlimited Storage. Just pay $7 per year in Zip Cloud. Besides, if you pay continuously, your data would be last forever.

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