Police Raided PRQ Hosting, Dozens Sharing File Sites Down

Who doesn’t know The Pirate Bay? It was one of hughest portal torrent site. Today, The Pirate Bay and dozens of other file sharing site turned down. The news reported that the site down caused by Sweden Police raid to PRQ hosting company.

PRQ hosting is a famous hosting company centered in Stockholm, Sweden. This Hosting is so famous since it is used by some most controversial site in the world like Wikileaks, Pedhophile.se, The Pirate Bay, also some other file sharing and torrent portal websites.

This raid viewed as operation to reduce piracy or intellectual rights violation. PRQ owner, Mikael Viborg, confirmed that police had just raided into his hosting company and took four servers.

Police Raided PRQ Hosting, Dozens Sharing File Sites Down

The Pirate Bay themselves refuted that their down-sites caused by Sweden police raid. They said that The Pirate Bay died because of Power Distribution Unit (PDU) damage. It needs several moments to fix and enliven again that site.

Lately, it’s true that police rapidly declared war to battle piracy. After Megaupload boss captured by FBI, the other file sharing site are scared and started to fall just like hit by domino effect.

Now, hosting for various torrent portal and The Pirate Bay raided by Sweden Police. We’ll just wait what kind of drama to continue effort in fight against this intellectual rights violation.


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