Prediction about iPad had existed in 1994

iPad, now became PC tablet loved by many of its users. Beside practical to be used to read ebook or digital newspaper, iPad also has various other feature, such as video player, music, game, and thousands other application. Not only iPad, other tablet also has similar function, and now seems like tablet has been popular electronic thing needed everyday for some people.

The Tablet: First Tablet Released on 1994

But who would be guess that the prediction about this tablet had existed many years ago, precisely 1994, a technology company named Knight Ridder introduced a tablet concept named The Tablet!

In appearance, The Tablet was quite similar with popular iPad. The Tablet was made by some researchers, designers, and journalist at that time.

Unfortunately, The Tablet never brought into reality, it’s only from video. From the video record, there is prediction about future computer which we called tablet now. “It might be difficult to bring this digital paper come true, but we think it would happen. It would be the latest computer, become part of our daily life”. That was the words displayed on The Tablet video.

Who will guess, the prediction was really happen today. Through iPad and other tablets, dream and prediction of The Tablet inventor has become reality. Digital newspaper, digital ebook, music video, even game, etc, now can be enjoyed through PC Tablet.


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