Recording Contest of 1080p : Canon 5D Mark II vs iPhone 4S (video)

A comparison video of DSLR Camera from Canon EOS 5D Mark II type and iPhone 4S spread on video sharing site and made by Robino Films.

Recording Contest of 1080p : Canon 5D Mark II vs iPhone 4S (video)

Example Video of Full HD record 1080p from Canon and iPhone 4S is shown side-by-side so it makes you easier to see comparison of both recording result. The videographer of this video said that iPhone 4S and Canon EOS 5D Mark II were arranged so that their fram rate, picture style, exposure, and shutter speed made as similar as they could. Canon 5D Mark II used lens setting 50mm, ISO 160-640, shutter speed set to 1/60th, auto white balance and recording result was set on 1080p with 30fps. Meanwhile, setting on iPhone 4S only lock on Auto Exposure and Auto Focus.

The result? Watch the video below, and as additional information, Canon 5D Mark II is sold around $3.000 or IDR 26 million.

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