Repulse: Close Beta Registration Has Been Opened

Repulse would soon entering close beta phase. Do you have intention to play this MMOFPS game? You can register to play this game in close beta phase started from previous November 3rd through their official website, Aeriagames. On the website, Queen’s Soft, this game’s developer also gives attractive cinematic to be watched:

Repulse is a MMOFPS game told about human future when the earth is polluted, so it cannot be inhabited anymore. To assure human existence, some people finally decide to find a new home in wide-universe. They found it! Unfortunately, the planet has living creature who hate human appearance there. Here, war is inevitable, from here human become aggressor of this new planet.

Repulse: Close Beta Registration Has Been Opened

Aeriagames is a publisher which brought Repulse. This game publisher’s name is quite popular in the world by presenting various online game, such as Twelve sky 2, Shaiya, Golden Age, and Wolf Team. This Game Publisher has three office branches in US, German, and Brazil.


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