[Rumor] iPhone 5 will be launched on Conference for Apple Developer at 2012?

After iPhone 4S launching, many people are disappointed with the improvement which is not too much significant from its predecessor. There are so many speculation said that actually iPhone 4S is worked by another team, not the last project from Steve Jobs. According to 9to5Mac, iPhone 5 itself would be shipped on the next summer of 2012, and according to plan, it would be introduced in Apple Developer Conference event.

[Rumor] iPhone 5 will be launched on Conference for Apple Developer at 2012?

Many obstacles happened made iPhone 5 won’t be ready to be introduced to public in this year vacation. According to analyst from Rodman & Renshaw, Ashok Kumar, this iPhone 5 will has similar dimension, but bigger screen compared than before, surely with total new design. This project is said as the last project for Steve Jobs in his contribution for Apple. In addition of screen, there reported, there’s also possibility that this iPhone 5 will support LTE 4G for its network.

Whether the rumor s right or not, we should wait the certainty from Apple for sure, which about less than a year later.

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